What does it mean to be bisexual


One of our fans recently asked: What does it mean to be bisexual?


A Bisexual, by definition is a person who has romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity.

Although the definition seems to be pretty simple, most people have a lot of misconceptions about what a bisexual person is and isn’t.

A bisexual person may have an equal attraction to men and women, or have 1%/99% attraction to men or women, or anywhere in between. One can even have an attraction only to one gender for a while, and then only to another gender for a while.

It’s up to each individual to self identify as have a particular sexual orientation. Only you can decide whether or not you would like to identify as bisexual (regardless of your romantic or sexual actions or attractions.)

Some Of The Misconceptions About Bisexuality


Bisexuality Is Just A Phase

One of the biggest misconceptions of bisexuality is that it’s a phase, or that a person cannot decide what he or she wants. Bisexual people are not experimenting or confused, but rather know what they want and truly find both genders attractive.

Although most people assume that a bisexual will one day come out as totally gay or totally straight; it’s far from the truth. Whether a bisexual is single, dating a guy, dating a girl, marriage to a guy, married to a girl, one is still a bisexual.

The only exception to that is if that person decides to self-identify as something else; sexual identity can be complicated, but no one has the right to identify other people; it’s always up to you to make that call.


Bisexuals Cannot Possibly Commit

Once in a committed relationship or a marriage, a bisexual person is committed to that person. If a break up happens, it is not likely due to the fact that the person is bisexual, but rather to many other factors that most other couples break up over (lack of respect, growing apart, miscommunication, financial problems.. and so on).


Bisexuals Are In It For A 3-Way

Last, but not least misconception that we would like to touch upon are the 3-Ways. Bisexuals are not in it for 3-Ways, in fact most bisexuals have never had a 3-Way and would rather not be with two people at the same time. Most are also very disgusted when others invite them to have a 3some (so please don’t go around asking bisexuals to have a 3some with you.)

We don’t have anything against 3-Ways; if it’s your thing, more power to you, but it has nothing to do with being a bisexual. Just like some straight, gay, lesbian people will participate in a threesome at one point in their lives, some bisexual may also partake,but it’s not a part of the definition though.

Bisexuality Bisexual chart

Source: BuzzFeed

Question Time:

For Bisexuals: What do you feel like is the biggest thing that makes bisexuality so misunderstood?

For Others: Do you feel like you understand bisexuality?