What Does LGBT Stand For


If you’ve been listening to the news recently, or took a peak at your social media accounts, then you likely came across an acronym “LGBT.”


LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.

Lesbian: a woman with a sexual orientation or romantic attraction to same gender.

Gay: Sexual orientation or romantic attraction to same gender.

Bisexual: sexual orientation or romantic attraction to the same or other genders.

Transgender: A person who does not identify with the biological gender assigned at birth.

There are variants to this acronym: LGBTQ (to include Queer or Questioning), LGBTQIA (to include Intersex, and Asexual or Ally.)


Debate Of The LGBTQIA Term

Some people argue that the umbrella term is getting too long to pronounce and may not be necessary because most of the letters do not describe sexuality, but instead describe identity.

Others argue that the original LGBT community has welcomed all sexualities and identities and has now outgrown the initial LGBT term.

It is possible that the new generations are embracing the longer term which includes all sexualities and identities, while older generations are using the original term because it’s something they may be use to.

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