LGBT Gay Lesbian Wedding Ideas


Are you getting married or just searching for some lesbian wedding ideas? Here are some awesome ways dress up and decorate an LGBT wedding and show off your colors.

1. Show Off The Rainbow Flag

This wedding picture is showing off the rainbow flag. A fun idea that they used is to show of fetch rainbow colors with shoes and garters.

Many people still choose to wear white, black, or grey traditional dresses and tuxedos, as seen below.


2. Show Your Pride Off With A Signs

Here’s another couple who choose to wear traditional wedding dresses, but they showed off their Pride with a sign!

LGBT wedding some chick marry chicks

3. Another Way To Show It Off With A Sign

lgbt wedding groom's side sign


4. A Rainbow Cake!!!

Who doesn’t love rainbows?? Here’s a wonderful idea to create a rainbow cake with your love story to tell!

LGBT Rainbow Wedding Cake


5. More Rainbows In A Gay Wedding!!

Here’s another way to show off the colors, but keep it subtitle… RAINBOW socks!!

LGBT Wedding Ideas Groom And Groom Rainbow


6. Adorable Part Traditional, Part Untraditional Wedding

This idea is absolutely adorable! Although both ladies decided to go with traditional look of white (a dress and a tux), the splash of color in the cute boots makes this absolutely exciting! Of course, let’s not forget the rainbow umbrella which adds a cute LGBT symbol to this memory.

amelia-soper-photography-backyard-wedding-brides-boots-umbrella LGBT Wedding


7. Create Rainbow With Decorations And Accessories

You can create a rainbow with many different things such as foods, accessories, clothing items, decorations, and even flowers! Check out these ideas to get inspired.




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