Gay pride colors!!! Yay!!… Most people think… RAINBOW!!!

Well, a lot of people have no idea that there are more LGBTQ colors out there. This diagram shows a lot of “mainstream” colors. Since sexuality and gender are is very fluid, a lot may be missing. If you know of any other flag colors, please share in the comment section.

lgbt_community_flag_gradients_by pride colors

Source: lovemystarfire

What are all these LGBT colors about:

Some people argue that all of the LGBT community can fall under the Rainbow umbrella, while others demand to have their “label” presented with it’s own colors.

Here are some reasons to have separate colors:

  1. To celebrate specific pride such as Bisexual Pride Parade/Get together
  2. To wear colors that are not many people know (especially while closeted). A person can wear queer gear without coming out of the closet.
  3. To express individuality.
  4. To fight for equality.

Question Time:

Since everyone knows exactly what a rainbow flag means, do you just stick with rainbow colors for your LGBT gear or do you prefer to show a specific pride (such as bi, pan, bear)?