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ChaosLife: Queers, Comics, and Cats By A. Stiffler & K. Copeland

Meet A. Stiffler & K. Copeland; they are comic book illustrators who are excited to physically publish their first book “ChaosLife: The First Book!” So why are we so excited about this project? Because it’s all about Queers, Comics, and Cats! … Enough said! ChaosLife: The First Book Sample Page A Word From The Artists: “Hey there! We’re A. Stiffler and K. Copeland, a little queer couple who make queer little comics! Our work has been in anthologies like Smut Peddler: the Woman-Centric Porn Anthology, Blood Root: An Anthology of Horror, and Beyond: the Queer & SciFi Anthology. Our weird comics have also...

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My Love She Keeps Me Warm LGBT T-shirt

Here’s our newest addition to the ProudToBeHomo Store! Let us know if you like this design and if you would like to see more LGBT shirts and accessories in this style.     My Love She Keeps Me Warm LGBT Shirts My Love She Keeps Me Warm LGBT Tshirt My Love She Keeps Me Warm LGBT Phone Case My Love She Keeps Me Warm LGBT...

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Hundreds Of Companies Stand Up To Repeal North Carolina’s Anti LGBT Law HB2

More and more companies are boycotting North Carolina’s anti-LGBT Law HB2 are added to the list every day. As North Carolina’s financial stability is declining, we are in hopes that together we can repeal this discriminatory law. This will also set an example to other States that are trying to pass discriminatory laws and ignore human rights. Corporations like Apple, Starbucks, Kellogg’s, Yahoo!, and PayPal took a definitve step away from North Carolina when their respective CEOs, along with dozens more ally companies, signed an open letter from the Human Rights Campaign urging North Carolina to overturn HB2. Since that move, more...

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Love Knows No Gender LGBT Shirts

Show your pride with our new LGBT Gear “Love Knows No Gender.” This design comes on all types of Shirts and accessories. Love Knows No Gender Crop Top LGBT Love Knows No Gender Tank Top LGBT Love Knows No Gender Tshirt LGBT Love Knows No Gender Hoodie LGBT Purple Love Knows No Gender Mug LGBT Love Knows No Gender Hoodie LGBT Love Know No Gender Baby One Piece LGBT Love Knows No Gender Tee LGBT Love Knows No Gender Ringer Tshirt LGBT Love Knows No Gender Rainbow Button Love Knows No Gender iPhone Rainbow Case Love Knows No Gender...

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