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5 Ways LGBT Center Helps The LGBT Community

  The issue of different sexual orientations is still a hot topic. Even though gay marriage is now legal in all 50 States, in many places, the LGBT community still faces some form of discrimination. More and more people are looking for some form of identity as they try to discover themselves. An LGBT center is a great first stop for LGBT members where they can feel celebrated instead of put down. Here are ways the LGBT center helps the members of the LGBT community. 1. Sense Of Identity The LGBT center gives the members of the LGBT community a place where they...

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Don’t Assume My Gender Genderqueer Merch

  Lately there’s been a lot of debate about gender, what it is and what it isn’t. Some people say there are only 2 genders: male and female, while others argue that there is a spectrum of genders and that we need to let go of the old school thinking about gender. Here, at ProudToBeHomo, we believe that there is a variety of genders that are being suppressed because the society dictates how people should look at gender. We don’t believe that gender equals what’s in between one’s legs, it’s so much more. It’s about how we feel about...

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7 Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Coming Out

  Are you ready to come out to your parents, family, or friends? Stop! Before you do, read these 10 mistakes people make when they come out. 1. Have No Idea What To Say Before you take the first step, make sure you know what you will say. Not knowing what to say will put you in a very awkward position and will open up a door for their judgement (if that happens) to hit you very hard. Know how you will say it as well as how you may answer some of their questions. Think about some questions which...

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Are People Born Gay Or Choose To Be Gay

There’s been a long debate about sexuality. Some people say that some of us are born gay, while other people think that we choose to be gay (used here as an umbrella term for all spectrum of sexuality). Today, we will let straight people answer that question for us. Let’s see what happens when the question is reversed and how straight people answer it. What’s interesting is that as soon as the right question is asked, it’s as if a lightbulb goes off. Since straight people have never been asked this question, many of them just assume that gay...

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