There’s been a long debate about sexuality. Some people say that some of us are born gay, while other people think that we choose to be gay (used here as an umbrella term for all spectrum of sexuality). Today, we will let straight people answer that question for us. Let’s see what happens when the question is reversed and how straight people answer it.

What’s interesting is that as soon as the right question is asked, it’s as if a lightbulb goes off.

Since straight people have never been asked this question, many of them just assume that gay people choose to be gay because most of them simply cannot understand how it really feels to be a gay person or have certain attraction. This is understandable because they would have to put themselves in the shoes of a gay person and that’s very hard to do.

Heck, it’s even hard for a gays or a lesbians to put themselves in bisexual or pansexual shoes to truly understand how that type of an attraction would work.

When the question is reversed though, even straight people who thought it was a choice, now can see how the choice was never actually there and gay people are likely to be born that way.