1. Orphan Black

If you haven’t heard of Orphan Black, then you are missing out!!! This show is not only amazing because of it’s story line and amazing actors, but it also has soooooo much LGBT fun!! Go Watch it Now

orphan black LGBT gay lesbian bisexual transgender pansexual

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2. Orange Is The New Black

If you are gay, lesbian, or any other type queer in between, then you have probably heard of OITNB!! Have your friends been telling you to watch this show, and you are still slacking? Well we are here to tell you, that this show is not only humorous, but also has plenty of action and drama! It is full of LGBT scenes and is simply amazing! Watch it now on Netflix.

orangeisthenewblack lgbt gay lesbian bisexual homosexual pansexual transgender

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3. The L Word

Well… L stands for Lesbian!!! And Love.. And Lust.. And so many more things. This is by far the most LGBT themes tv series that actually has major lack of hetero (which is what we all want sometimes right?) The L Word is an older show, but we are very surprised that a lot of LGBT community has not watched it. If You Have Amazon Prime, then you are in Luck!

the-l-word LGBT gay lesbian homosexual bisexual pansexual transgender queer

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4. Transparent

This is an awesome one of a kind tv show. It doesn’t only have smart humor and is very witty, but it also focuses on the Transgender issues and helps to answer a lot of questions. The main character is a parent who has to come out to family as a transgender. You can watch it for free on Amazon.

Transparent LGBT Tv show transgender trans Amazon Prime

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5. The 100

Although there areĀ not too many LGBT characters in this show, they certainly are main characters! The 100 unfoldsĀ the LGBT relationship very naturally. Be warned though, the relationship doesn’t start for a while, but this show has a great storyline, so it will be very easy to stick around to see it bloom! The two first seasons are on Netflix.

The-100-Tv-Series LGBT gay lesbian bisexual queer

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6. Modern Family

Here’s a completely hilarious family show that features a gay couple. It’s awesome to see LGBT couples included in family shows as a completely normal thing! It also shows that “Gay Agenda” is just to have a family and live a happy life.

Modern Family LGBT Gay Queer TV Show

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7. Queer As Folk

The name says it all!!! This show is totally queer! Need we say any more?… Watch it Now on Netflix.

Queer As Folk TV Show Gay Lesbian

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Question Time:

What is your all time favorite Tv Show with Queer characters?