Buzzfeed has done an outstanding job at being a very diverse website. It’s awesome that Buzzed has an LGBT category and is completely accepting of this community! Here are some of our favorite Buzzfeed LGBT Funny Videos:

1. If Lesbians Said The Stuff Straight People Say

Straight people say very dumb things to queer people, let’s take a look at what it would sound like if lesbians said the stuff straight people say!!

2. If Straight People Had To Come Out

The only reason why coming out is awkward is because straight people make it awkward… Let’s take a look at scenarios in which straight people have to come out.

3. 15 Bisexual Girl Problems

Yes, bisexuality is a thing… here are some #bisexualproblems … Sort of funny, sort of annoying!!!

4. 17 Bisexual Guy Problems

Another Bisexual Video, but this time it’s about guys. Oh one day people will understand the spectrum (Or so we hope).

5. Lesbians Explain Sex To Straight People

And now we know that most people have no idea what lesbian sex is. These answers are hilarious.

6. 9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

Hmmm great questions to ask straight people…

7.  6 Lesbians You’ve Broken Up With

Funny video that talks about the types of ex’s you’ve broken up with (likely). We are sure there are more types of lesbians (let us know which type you’ve broken up with.)

8. Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

Here’s another video that spotlights questions gay couples get from straight people.

9. When You’re A Gay Guy: Thoughts Vs. Real Life

Funny scenarios gay people think will happen and what happens in reality. Share below if you can relate to these.

10. What Your Lesbian Friend Is Actually Thinking (w/ Hannah Hart)

Funny video about what lesbians are thinking at a party. Does this happen to you? What other thoughts go through your head in a social environment?

11. If Lesbian Movies Were Realistic

Most lesbians say that lesbian movies are completely unrealistic, do you think that there is some truth to them or is it all bogus like the video below?

12. Lesbians Critique Lesbian Porn

Ok let’s talk about the elephant in the room, people watch porn. What about lesbian porn? Is it real or fake? Here are some lesbians who critique lesbian porn!!