Are you looking to expand your knowledge of the LGBT community, read up on LGBT politics, or just kick back and enjoy fun filled or geeky LGBT articles? Here are 10 LGBT websites you should check out:


1. Afterellen

Afterellen LGBT Website

If you want to stay up to date on all of the queer celebs, movies, tv shows, books, etc, then this website is for you. It’s a fun filled place where you can get lost in all the homo fun!


2. Pride LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual

Another awesome website that pops with color! The topics include gay humor, humorous politics, celebs, as well as more of the serious issues of transgender pride and sex safety.


3. Advocate

advocate LGBT website gay lesbian politics

This website is a serious LBGT advocate site that mostly focuses on LGBT news and politics, LGBT right, and LGBT awareness.


4. LGBTQ Nation

lgbtq nation lgbt website gay lesbian bisexual homosexual

Here’s another LGBT rights website that focuses on more serious subject matters such as politics.


5. Huffington Post Queer Voices

queer-voices huffington post lgbt gay lesbian website

Huffington Post Queer Voices is a subdivision of Huffington Post which focuses on LGBT community. Here you will find mostly LGBT rights and political publications, but some articles are humorous and amusing.


6. PinkNews

pink news lgbt website gay lesbian

Although this website is mainly news articles about LGBT rights, it contains plenty of LGBT entertainment articles you can sink your teeth into.


7. ThinkProgress LGBT

thinkprogress LGBT website

Here’s another news websites with a subdivision that focuses on LGBT issues (all of these are mostly LGBt rights and politics).


8. BuzzFeed LGBT

buzz feed lgbt news gay lesbian

Buzz Feed has an LGBT subsection. It features a lot of news articles and has a lot of entertaining posts. BuzzFeed also has a Youtube channels with a lot of funny videos to include LGBT related vids. You will find LGBT vids on BuzzFeedVideo, BuzzFeedYellow, BuzzFeedBlue, and BuzzFeedViolet.


9. TheLStop

The L Stop Website LGBT Lesbian

This website focuses on lesbian issues, rights, and provides a place for like minded people to come together. It covers all things lesbian such as politics, spirituality, arts, food, advice, and much more.

10. PlayBuzz/LGBT

playbuzz lgbt fun quizes lesbian gay

This website is very lighthearted and focuses on fun quizes and entertaining articles. It has an LGBT section which seems to be growing, here you will find articles such as this: 10 Fictional Characters You Probably Didn’t Know Were LGBT.


Question Time:

Which LGBT websites do you usually find yourself browsing around?